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Mobile web solutions are becoming an integral part of the mobile strategy of companies worldwide. Pocket App combines years of industry experience with cutting edge HTML5 technology to deliver mobile web solutions that showcase the true potential of this new and exciting technology. HTML5 brings user experience to another level by incorporating gestures such as swipe and zoom, video and audio embedding, and includes a storage database allowing offline use. Most important of all, there is no need for plugins to get all these features, as all the latest browsers fully support the new features of HTML5.

Strategy, and Research

We come up with solutions that are carefully designed to foster our client’s businessFrom concept to architecture , understanding their needs and forecasting their growth.


Certain websites agency can be over-the-top expensive. We are committed to you to provide you with a top notch custom website without the hefty price tag.

Cutting Edge Technology Practice

We at 7W champion industries’ best practices and methodologies to help you achieve your business goal and also beat the competition and achieve maximum ROI.

Depth Analysis

We cover every aspect of technology that puts our client in the driving seat of growth and expansion.


Renowned Client